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SAFA, Finnish Association of Architects, is the leading non-profit, professional organization for architects in Finland. The primary aim of all SAFA activities is to promote the quality of the built environment. It also supervises professional standards and ethics among its members.

Project includes: Brand workshops, visual identity renewal, logotype design (the previous heraldic logotype was designed by the world-known architect Alvar Aalto. The old logotype was carefully kept alive for ceremonial purposes such as the SAFA Award), online visual concept design, several digital and print applications and templates.




Iptim is a start up company and a cloud product which supports forest inventory data management. It covers decision problems from the valuation of potential investment to the management of the existing portfolio.

Project includes: Brand workshop, visual identity guidelines, logotype design, detailed product UI design, story and business process visualizations and illustrations, online concept design, several digital and print applications and templates.



MedOne, the leading private health care service provider in Finland, was successfully merged to Attendo after the brand renewal.

Project includes: Renewal of corporate identity, logotype design, visual guidelines, imagery art direction, magazine design, several digital and print applications.

Other Brand identity / logotype design projects:

VVO – One of the largest real estate property developers in Finland
Helsinki Art Museum – Several exhibition visual identities
KAVA – National Audiovisual Archive
Sello – One of largest shopping centres in Scandinavia
Marthaförbundet – The Swedish Martha Association in Finland

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